BFM BrainFleet Management
          The entrepreneurs network

Never before had entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers and supervisory boards of medium-sized businesses to face such a challenging and increasingly complex and dynamic world. Moreover, managers need to keep up pace with the digital transformation.

We at BFM BrainFleet have experienced these challenges during our former and today’s business activities. All members of the BFM BrainFleet network have once managed and spearheaded busi-nessesin leading positions as managers and/or as active shareholders. We like to share our knowledge and our experi-ence with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, man-agers and supervisory boards who are still professionally active and fully enegaged.

Experienced C-level managers offer you their support as skilled sparring partners across numerous business areas. Apart from entrepreneurial and hands-on management support we offer you an unbiased external view in conjunction with our knowledge gained of your inter-nal processes:
Competent – Objective – Pragmatic

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